NoCode Challenge

For the Cocobrand team, it is a pride to have led the NoCodeChallenge, an event that brought together students from Higher Training in Programming and Computer Science with two local companies to foster innovation and business digitalization in the region.

Imagine this: students working hand in hand with real companies to solve real problems. That's exactly what happened at the NoCodeChallenge. From identifying issues to creating ingenious solutions, teams used NoCode tools to reinvent how businesses manage projects, automate processes, and much more.

The NoCodeChallenge was not just an event; it was a great experience that showcased how creativity, innovation, and technology can transform the business landscape of the region. Furthermore, it was an opportunity to build bridges between academia and the working world, allowing participants to learn by doing.

We extend our gratitude to FUNDECYT for entrusting us to lead the development of a No-Code community in Extremadura, and to the participating companies Impulsa Dirección de Proyectos and Travelsia for their willingness and commitment to the event.

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